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Parent Code of Conduct

  • I will get my child to practice/games on time and make an effort to ensure they are in play condition
  •  Criticizing the referee is NEVER allowed. We – players, coaches, and referees – are all students of the game. Referees are human and make mistakes. Especially at the U8 level, referees are learning on the job. If you as a parent have a concern about the way the game is being handled, please address it with the coach. 
  • Only a coach may approach the referee, and only at quarters and halftime breaks. During the match parents should NEVER call out to the referee. Soccer South maintains a zero tolerance policy towards dissent with the referee. 
  • Parents are expected to model behavior consistent with good sportsmanship. Cheer for ALL players, including the opponent. 
  • Parents that yell excessively, or are abusive, will be asked to leave the field. 
  • Parents that disrespect the official, opponent, coach, players of either team, or parents of either team will be asked to leave the field.
  • Parents that consistently demonstrate these behaviors will not only be asked to leave the game, they will be asked to leave the team. 
  • Parents cheer; coaches coach. We ask that you cheer for all children from the sidelines. Please allow the coach to provide any feedback to the players during the game and make adjustments as needed. 
  • A referee may discourage parents from coaching from the sideline. It’s confusing for the players to receive coaching direction from multiple sideline sources. At games, parents should NOT call out instructions to players from the sideline. 
  • During games and practices parents are not allowed on the field. Parents should stay on the sidelines during the game and practice. If during a game or practice your child is injured and we need parental assistance, we will call you over. It is customary for coaches to teach players to “take a knee” after a referee has stopped a game for an injury. 
  • Parents and coaches are not allowed behind the goals during the game.
  • Team families and coaches are expected to stand 3 feet from the sideline. The referee needs enough room to see the sideline to know if the ball has gone out of bounds. The players need room on the sideline to take throw ins. Parents and coaches need to stand well back from the sideline, showing the players that the touchline is an important line for out of bounds.
  • Coaches are responsible for ALL the sideline behavior on their side of the field. Either the coach or referee may require offending spectators to leave the field. If a spectator(s) fails to respond to a team official’s request to cease and desist from improper behavior, the referee is empowered to terminate the match. 
  • Cheer, but don’t criticize. Know the difference between cheering (“nice pass,” “good run,” “way to go”) and criticizing (“run faster,” “kick harder,” “what are you doing?”). Kids are positively motivated by cheering, but few children are motivated by criticism during a game. Practices, not games, are the best time for constructive feedback. 
  • Pick up all litter after games and practices. After every practice and every game, leave the field cleaner than you found it. Plan on staying a few minutes after each game and practice to walk the field with your child’s team to pick up and pack out trash. 
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