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Soccer Ground Rules

  • By joining a team you are making a commitment to being at games and practices. We cannot have a team without active participation by parents and players. 
  • Players should be on time, ready to go (shin guards on and fully covered by soccer socks), in weather-appropriate uniform or practice gear, shoe laces tied, hair pulled back if it’s long, and pierced earrings removed or covered with tape when practices or games begin. Players should be in full uniform and ready to go at least 15 minutes before game time.
  • If a playeris being disruptive during practices or games, we will redirect them twice, then we will ask them to sit with their parents until they are ready to rejoin and fully engage in soccer. 
  • At practices and games, no child is to be left unsupervised. Children should not be sent to the bathroom alone or any place where you can’t see them. All games are in public venues, and parents are expected to take responsibility for the safety of their children.
  • Be on time. It can be embarrassing for a child to arrive late and difficult to transition into playing after everyone else has started. Teach your child respect for the coach and teammates by being on time. If there’s an organized car pool, let the coach know so that s/he can make sure the kids leave with the right adult.
  • If a child is having a bad day or is apprehensive about being on the field, inform the coach and be ready to help out. Don’t leave your child’s coach with the responsibility of dedicating the practice or game to consoling your child. Help get your child in a coachable mindset to play.
  • If your child has special medical needs (asthma, for example), inform your child’s coach in person and via email. Make sure a parent or guardian is always present with appropriate medication for the child at all practices and games.
  • If your child has a food allergy, inform your child’s coach in person and via email. Volunteer to bring snack to the first game so you can educate parents on what works for your child. Follow up with an email to ALL team families. If that doesn’t work out, you should bring a separate snack for your child each week. 

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