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About Us - Soccer South Soccer Club, Des Moines, Iowa


Soccer South Soccer Club is organized as a nonprofit corporation under the general corporation laws of the State of Iowa to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national or ethnic origin. 


The Club is organized to develop and promote the growth of and an appreciation for the game of soccer by providing opportunities for the youth of the greater Des Moines, Iowa area to participate in organized programs of soccer by instilling the following values:


  • Fair Play – Players, coaches and parents will be encouraged to demonstrate Fair Play in every game and every practice and behavior contrary to Fair Play will be actively discouraged
  • Club – Create a club atmosphere that encompasses more than high quality soccer but also embraces the culture where family is valued; service to the community; and fun, growth and learning is part of the process
  • Player Development – Players are developed to their fullest potential
  • Coaching Development – Coaches are developed to their fullest potential
  • Parental Responsibilities – Parents will support their players and coaches, establish with the coach a philosophy and direction compatible with the aspirations of the players, parents and coaches
  • Diversity – Every player and their family shall have an equal opportunity to participate on Soccer South Soccer Club teams regardless of race, creed, national origin, or ability to play.
  • Promote the education of children by providing a format for educational opportunities and encouraging interaction and cultural exchanges between young people of Des Moines and other regions of the United States and the world. At Soccer South Soccer Club we have such a diversified membership that to us this is very important. 
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